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WMC HR PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS- HEALTH CARE (UAE CHAPTER) will recognize the achievements of the industry’s most outstanding performers and celebrate their success on international platform. This award ceremony is organized to highlight the contributions of individuals that encompass leadership, innovation, management & administration, services where the recipient must have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, contributed towards the development of the Healthcare sector. It is expected that for each category, the individual presence of the Winners is Mandatory to receive the award. It brings together brilliant minds in Human Resources from across UAE for highlighting best practices, unparalleled networking opportunities, to reinvent the role of HR and prepare organizations to respond to the high-priority business and human capital needs.

Supporting the vision of the most prudent leaders of the region, WMC aims to highlight, honor and celebrate path breaking achievements of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership towards driving organizational and team effectiveness through Human Capital Management, Diversity and Strategic Planning.

  • Date : 24th April 2019(Wednesday)
  • Venue : Ocean Blue, Tower 400, 20th Floor, Sharjah, UAE

Nomination Criteria

  • Individual must have demonstrated commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking, capacity for personal/Organizational growth and capacity to be an independent thinker in the face of uncertainty.
  • Individual must have demonstrated entrepreneurial maturity by building strategic alliances and surrounding him/herself with talented people—individuals, teams, the Board, and a range of advisers/allies to ensure success for all.
  • Individuals must have pioneered in taking new approach or technology and creating a culture of innovation.
  • The Individual must possess personal integrity/influence coupled with the ability to communicate ideas. He / she must have effective leadership and management skills and a potential to influence others.
  • Individual must have made significant contributions as a pioneer in the respective field.
  • Be recognized as a significant figure in the sector in which nomination has been send.
  • Presented evidence of outstanding service and distinguished scholarly activities
  • Submissions & Evaluation : The intimation for the nominations shall be put forth to the respective organizations. If an individual who independently like to be nominate his credentials or refer a nominee for the awards ,the acceptance of the same will be the discretion of the Judging panel. This shall be subject to no submission of nomination from the respective organization the he/she is associated with. The panel consists of the Committee members of the Council, reputed personalities from the health care sector from a range of positions including board members, chief executives, general managers, directors, health researchers, quality managers, and policy advisors.The panel reserves the sole right to vet and substantiate information in entry applications and conduct any corporate due diligence as required for acceptance of nomination.