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What is WMC? What are the criteria for an organization to be a part of WMC?

World Medical Council is a non – profit making community for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry. Our aim is to support the field of medicine, via developing a close knit relationship amongst different medical associations and their related departments.

Our membership open to any organization, associations, institutional authorities etc pertaining to any facet of the medical industry. WMC will be the only association which will cater to the needs of the entire medical fraternity under a single roof.

Our Motto - “To create a Better and Healthy World”

What are the advantages of becoming a member of this forum?

World Medical Council offers you an array of opportunities and customized benefits to every association, individual, corporate firm or institution keeping in mind their requirements and needs. We are to create a vibrate community which shall not only enhance our industry but will also cater to our professional and personal growth as well.

What are the benefits for being a WMC member?

Kindly refer our membership page for the detailed membership benefits. https://www.worldmedicalcouncil.com/membership_benefits.php

I am a member of 5 medical associations and all those are a part of WMC, so which one is my parent organization?

You may register yourself as an Individual member of WMC and enjoy the benefits of our club but to get hold of the platinum password its your discretion as to which organization you would like to state as your parent organization.

What is a Platinum Password?

Platinum Password is your key to the members area of the WMC forum wherein you can interact with your fellow members, learn and enjoy our customized benefits to expand your reach.

Is there any membership fee?

Since the objective is to form a non-profit community in medical industry. There will not be any charges for the membership procedures.

What's the normal procedure for new member registration?

WMC identifies its members through personal contacts / events / contacts through our Technical Advisory Panel members etc. Even if you do not receive an invitation and you feel you can contribute your knowledge for the betterment of our medical industry you may register yourself as a member by logging on to our Registration Page.

How can we interact with other members of WMC?

We have a vibrant online community via which you can connect with other members of this community and join the conversation via our Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and WMC Discussion forums.

What makes WMC unique from the association I am currently associated with?

WMC has partnered with an International Health Care channel, Medi BizTV which will help you to connect with the latest development in the medical industry and provide you an opportunity to reach your target audience effectively. World Medical Council also offers customized benefits to all its members making us unique in our approach.

I have a question which is not in this list. Whom should I contact in case of a complaint or advice?

You may email your queries and feedbacks to secretary@worldmedicalcouncil.com