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COVID-19 HealthCare Excellence Awards (VIRTUAL EVENT)

The World Medical Council salutes the efforts of all the Individuals and Organizations in the healthcare sector who were at the forefront of the COVID-19 response ensuring that we are safe, healthy and informed during the tough times.

This award ceremony conducted under the guidance of World Medical Council (WMC) will recognize the achievements of the industry’s most outstanding performers and celebrate their success on international platform.

The winners would be announced via a Virtual Awards Ceremony on 14 January 2021.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nomination entries are free of charge.


  • There are 2 groups of categories- individuals & organizations.


  • The last day of nomination would be 31 Dec 2020.


  • Describe the details of the COVID-19 response carried out on the face of pandemic.


  • Add evidence and supporting material such as news articles, photographs, videos or testimonials.


  • Be recognized as a significant figure in the sector in which nomination has been send.


  • Organizations must have demonstrated commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking, capacity for personal/Organizational growth and developing innovation management systems in the face of adversity.


  • Individuals must have demonstrated entrepreneurial maturity by implementing new products, services & business models developed as a result of innovative ideas.


  • Submissions & Evaluation: The intimation for the nominations shall be put forth to the respective organizations.


  • The panel consists of the Committee members of the Council, reputed personalities from the health care sector from a range of positions including board members, chief executives, general managers, directors, health researchers, quality managers, and policy advisors.


  • The panel reserves the sole right to vet and substantiate information in entry applications and conduct any corporate due diligence as required for acceptance of nomination .