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How to correctly measure height at home?

Trying to measure one’s own height without additional help can lead to inaccurate measurements. There are certain steps you can follow if you want to measure your own height without having to leave the comfort of home. Find a flat, straight object such as a book, ruler, or box.Place the object on top of the head and stand with the back straight against a wall and feet flat.Ensure the chosen object is straight and parallel with the floor. This is easier to do by looking in a mirror.Use a pencil or other erasable writing instrument to mark the wall where the object touches the top of the head.Measure from the floor to the marking.A person’s height also changes throughout the day. It is higher in the morning and reduces towards evening. However, it will not cause any drastic change in BMI of a person. (Credits: www.medicalnewstoday.com) 

More about Babinski reflex

The reflex that develops when a person’s bottom part of feet is stroked with a blunt object. It is a test for checking on healthy development or underlying neurological conditions. The doctor will firmly stroke the bottom of the foot with the object in a curved line, moving from the heel of the foot up toward the toes and over to the big toe. The standard response is automatic, causing the toes to flex down toward the pressure and stimulation. This normal response confirms that the Babinski reflex is absent. The Babinski reflex occurs when the big toe extends up toward the top of the foot. Simultaneously, the other toes fan out away from each other. If this occurs in response to the test, it means that the Babinski reflex is present. It can be positive or negative. However, to confirm on diagnosis, doctors perfom further tests. (Credits: www.medicalnewstoday.com)